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My very first blog, all about beads and wire and lovely things.

Welcome to BOA Best of African's first blog....It's all about beads and wire and gorgeous creativity on the streets of Southern Africa.

By tracey6998, Mar 13 2019 12:36PM

Zulu Love Letters
Zulu Love Letters

I am not usually great at these things but we will give it a try. Well our 2019 started off at The Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia in London, always a great show and always packed with amazing art and design made by incredibly talented knitters, crocheters, felters, clothing designers and artists in general. Always a good idea to visit, even if you don't think you are a crafter of sorts.

We had a great show and now looking forward to our next small shows which include the Queen Elizabeth ladie's lunch at Epson race course, these are some shows that we get involved in, as it is a way of supporting charities that are here in the United Kingdom.

We get a lot of people asking what it is that we actually do?

Well i started this so many years ago now to support street artists in South Africa and the homelands, as the economy was taking a dive and people were suffering and in my mind it was something i could do, even though small, it may have an effect on someone's family life.

And with your help it has, in such an enormous way, with you taking a look at our website and buying something, no matter how small or large the item is, it is helping so many people and families including charities here in the UK, for example Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for disabled people and the Vineyard community church who helps homeless people in and around London.

I do try to get involved in as many charities as i possibly can do on my own and as i have other work it is sometimes a difficult one, but at this point it is flowing well.

We have also acquired some new artists which we are supporting, one you will notice is Traditional Zulu bridal wear and The Zulu Love hearts, take a look ,these are beautiful and are made in Zulu land or Natal in South Africa. Then there is the South African Artist Sian Jordan who is an amazing Acryclic artist, her beautiful prints have really been a hit at the various shows this year.

So many people to support and very excited to see what you think in the next couple of months. Keep a look out on our facebook and instagram pages.

Well life is busy ,but an exciting one, have a lovely week and chat soon.


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